My Favorites

Sites I spend way to much time on:

Apartment Therapy
I read this site every day, The Kitchn too. I would love to get one of my before and afters or even my condo when it is more finished on there.

Gear Patrol
This site is fun. It is a good guys blog, however I am not sure how realistic it is, most people couldn’t afford the stuff they review.

This tumblr has lots of good recipes.

My Flickr
Mostly travel and animal photos taken by me

Kelly Oxford’s Tumblr
What can I say this woman cracks me up and her kids are hilarious, I especially like when she transcribes what her kids say during movies.

The Art of Manliness
Another great guy blog, in fact if you are a guy follow this blog now. It also has just tons of other interesting things for both sexes. I even used it as a source when I was writing how-to-guides on Resume Writing and Interviewing for my job.

Texts from Dog
This guy is a genius. However, I often worry that these texts are too similar to messages my friend Chera sends me.

Daily Puppy
I am bias though to this puppy from 2008 and this one from 2011

Literary Disco
The only podcast I listen to and it makes me so happy when they have a new episode. Helmed by Julia Pistell, Rider Strong (yes that Rider Strong, get over it fan girls), and my friend and former professor Tod Goldberg, this podcast is like sitting down with your book club, if your book club is made up of writers, MFA geeks, and actual literary critics. Obviously that is why I love it because my friends are all of those things. I don’t know Julia and Rider, but listening to them banter with Tod makes me feel like I do. Listening to the three of them sit down to discuss whatever book they’ve chosen, ranging from the classics, literary contemporaries, to fun looks back at childhood favorites like the Hardy Boys or Sweet Valley High; this podcast makes me feel like I am hanging out with my writer friends back around the fire pit during our MFA days. Funny, smart, and a bit book nerdy I am always sad when an episode ends.

Crazy Food Dude
This blog leaves a little to be desired in the looks department but I really like that this guy does lots of reviews of snack bars (I am currently thinking of doing the Special K Challenge) and ice cream. He also does pictures of whats inside the wrapper which I heart him for. The only downside to a guys doing food reviews is they often complain about the size of a bar as being too dainty and only a snack when it is supposed to be a meal.
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