About Me

Hello All,

My name is Lauren.  I am a writer with my MFA in Creative Writing (fiction/screen writing) from the UCR Palm Desert Program, editor of the literary journal The Whistling Fire, a freelance web designer, and full time Instructional Designer (not sure how I ended up here but I really enjoy my day job). I am a busy girl!  I don’t pretend to be super stylish, super crafty, I’m not even very girly.  But I did buy my first place and am having a lot of fun fixing it up and decorating.  I moved out of my parent’s house and became a home owner September 2011 at twenty-five.  And I am going through all the ups and downs of home ownership as well as some major renovation undertakings to bring my 70s Condo into the twenty first century. I am tackling one project at a time as money and time allows with the help of my crew (mom and dad).

I’ve created this blog (with a fairly uninteresting title) to post photos and document the process. If you have questions about where or how I got something I am happy to try an answer.  I shoot all the pictures here with my Nikon D5000 or my iPhone when I need to take something on the fly. You’ll probably be able to tell the difference.

I also have a cooking blog, Cooking Dangerously, however I haven’t been updating it much lately. You know busy…


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