Defining The Office

I’ve been very negligent about keeping up on recording my progress on projects, that is because often things move so slowly, gathering one small piece at a time that I forget until the room has complete changed. When I last wrote about my office, I had just decided on a rug, purchased a new desk with an unexpected performance bonus, and bought a new touch screen computer. But I still had a ways to go when it came to defining my office space.

My office is actually the dining room. I know this seems weird, but let me explain. Our condos have an odd layout, the kitchen is open to what many use as their family room. But it is a very small and awkward room with little to no wall space for tvs, etc. Then there is a very large open living room with an attached dining room. I have no need to have a living room and a family room, I live alone. And the family room seemed too small to be useful in that capacity. So unlike most of my neighbors I use the family room as my dining room, which is great for entertaining, especially when we host some of our epic game nights or our Nacho New Year’s party.  Then the living room is where my tv and couch and those comforts are. Then the small dining room has slowly become my office.

These will give you some ideas as to what I was working with and the early stages. For a good year it was just an open vacant spot, then it became a chair with a tv tray, and pretty cheap printer, which together resembled a poor man’s polygraph set up. Just seeing that terrible light fixture is giving me bad memories.


When I last posted about my office (read that post here) it was functioning but I still had a ways to go. It didn’t have much decoration and I still needed a good printer and was planning for a bookcase. As the area is open to my living room, I wanted to create some definition to the space. That started with a rug and then some artwork, cover art from some of my favorite books (no books were harmed in the process). Since then the office has really developed.

I found the perfect printer, a little Epson that fit right in one of the open cubbyholes in my desk. In fact I love this compact printer/scanner so much my boss ended up buying one for herself after I told her about it and she saw the beautiful photos I was able to print using it.  I finally got the bookcase I had been dreaming about (which was a tale in of itself when it arrived broken and the company couldn’t send a replacement part they could only send me an entire new bookcase once I sent back the one I had). My mom doesn’t like that my books aren’t arranged from smallest to largest, but after growing up in a house with books carefully organized like this I actually purposefully didn’t put them up this way. It’s my way of rebelling at 30. The bookcase also plays home to many of the antique cameras in my collection.

For the last year I have been on a part time telecommute schedule which means I spend two days in an office and the rest of the week working from home. So my office has become even more important as a daily work space. This meant I had to ditch my old chair, which now lives in the corner and get something more comfortable. As one who hates choosing substance over style I compromised and through tireless searching found a used Knoll Pollock chair online that I could afford without breaking the bank, which I adore almost as much as my cats do. It could use a bit more padding but someday the plan is to get it professionally recovered and at that time replenish the worn padding. The fabric is in good condition I’d just love a leather office chair someday.

Decorative items come and go as the space evolves. But for the most part it is a functional, and I think cute little office.



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