My Gallery Wall

So I have a number of blank walls in my house, I had some framed photos on the walls in my living area but my efforts have been fairly limited beyond that. I’ve long had plans for what I want up on the walls, but art work costs money and takes time to collect. I decided awhile back I wanted a wall in my dining area to be a large gallery wall, it has no furniture against it and is the only wall space in the dining room and kitchen area. It is also one of the first things most people see when coming to my house, as most people enter through the back which goes straight into my kitchen/dining area.  I loved the look of gallery walls I saw online, I loved the idea of mixing photos with other elements, maybe mirrors or sculpture. I thought it might be cool to have a place to really showcase my travel photos.


Shortly before I moved out of my parents house I had framed a number of photos from my travels and hung them over my bed, a few had made it into my now  living room but the rest were all in a box somewhere. Since all the frames matched I thought these could be a good starting point for a gallery wall. I took down the three I hung in my living room, leaving that wall very bare (I need to get to that wall next). That sparked a month long search for other items to put up on my wall, lots of searching for good deals and collecting. I got this fabulous deal on a Captain’s mirror, once again it pays to look at decor sites for children sometimes you can get a great deal. Finally I had enough pieces I felt I could assemble something of a gallery wall. I didn’t want the wall to look super planned or too much as though it were all perfectly measured out. I wanted it to look more organic and purposefully but not overly decorated. But I knew this was easier said than done. I tried looking for sites that might have online layout designers, but most of those were not very helpful. I tried creating my own in illustrator and photoshop but math was never my strong point. In the end my mom came up with the best idea. We measured off large sheets of graph paper (we actually used wrapping paper!), laid it on the floor and set the items on the graph paper, then we arranged and rearranged until we had a combination that worked. Once we did that we marked exactly where the nail would need to go and numbered the items so we would know where each thing went, then we removed all the items and took the paper and tapped it against the wall. We carefully hung each item as specified on the graph paper, ripping it away as we went. Yes my mom is a genius.


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