Front Patio Makeover: Enter House Here

I remember waking up one of my first days in my condo and walking out to my living room to see light coming in all around the front door, later about 100 crickets made it in through these cracks one rainy night. We put some weather stripping up to kind of fix that problem, but the door was still a problem I knew I’d eventually need to tackle.  With my front patio looking great (See previous post) the door was even more of an eyesore.

image2  image1  image3

Thankfully most people enter my condo from the back so they rarely saw the eyesore front door. The door was warped and damage from about 30 years of direct sun light and water. There was also no peep hole, so if someone came to the door I couldnt see who I was opening my door to. It could have been a cute door, if it were not so damaged and could be painted a funky color like red or orange. But HOA demands a specific tan or wood grain.

Of course front doors are expensive, and hanging it was not something we were willing to take on ourselves because screwing it up would be a real problem. It needed a new frame and everything. So for Christmas my parents said they would give me so much money towards buying a door. We started shopping around and found that a local door specialist would only cost me a slightly more than Home Depot, and we knew that Home Depot’s installation can be a little iffy since they contract it out. So we ordered a new door and waited. I got a craftsman style fiberglass door with a dental shelf (my major demand), and a small window that has a pattern to it so it provides some privacy(my mom’s major demand). Finally the day came for installation, it took all day and they even had to come back out a few times to make some adjustments because nothing about my condo is easy.

I couldn’t believe how wood like it looks. I still need to find a replacement for the address box, because that thing is horrible but I am so happy with my new door.


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