DIY Bathroom Deux: All Done

My guest bathroom has been done for awhile now. But I only got the last decorative piece in place this weekend. Its been a busy few months, in addition to working on the bathroom I’ve also been redoing the front porch area. I’ll post about that process soon, lets just say it’s involved many evenings of coming home after work and shoveling out old lava rock (also lots of spiders and ants). I got a new book case in my office and had to break down and buy a new chair, I’ll post an office update soon too.


So here is a little reminder of where we started.

And now….

I don’t miss the old bathroom at all. This bathroom definitely provided some challenges. None of the walls are even, which made the paneling pretty difficult and naturally we had to have the plumber out a few times.  The yellow is wild,  I know. But it makes me happy and as I like to point out, if you paint the bathroom another color you could easily transform it because of my neutral counter top and flooring choices (which I did on purpose so that future owners could easily change the bathroom to their tastes). I am most proud of the lighting and the re-purposed medicine cabinet that we painted black (which saved me a a few hundred). Another project checked off the list… on to the next.


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