DIY Bathroom Deux: The Before

The plan was to start this bathroom after the first of the year. That was the first of 2013… we can see how well that went. Not that 2013 was unproductive, lots of smaller projects got done. My office is pretty much complete, minus a bookcase. Installed a new ceiling fan. I did some work outside finally ripping out some monster hedges. Unfortunately my HOA forced me to fix some old beams on the outside of my garage, which had some damage from not being properly cared for by the previous owners. They were somewhat unsightly but nothing compared to most of my neighbors, but that’s HOAs for you. I had planned to fix them eventually but not right way. So that and having to unexpectedly buy a new car this summer basically took over the bathroom budget. But it is 2014 now and time to get back to work.

It’s funny to think this eye sore was the better of the two bathrooms when I moved in. The master was pretty scary and a major crack in the sink made it virtually unusable. Not to mention the ghost toilet that flushed randomly on it’s own.  But now that it is done, this bathroom looks all the worst. Also recently the toilet started to leak if flushed so it became virtually unusable which means guests all have to use my master.

In true remodel fashion here is the before or should I say the now:

Thankfully though there is a bit less to do in this bathroom, the shower area is fine and no gold in sight. Plus I am planning to rehab the existing medicine cabinet. Funny story, I didn’t realize the mirror was a medicine cabinet until having lived here almost a year. Most of it will be identical to the other bathroom. Same white cabinets, counter top, same flooring, same color even. I like my master but very few people get to see, so I want the guest bathroom to be similar. There will be some differences though. I’d like to say it will go smoother since we know what we are in for, but if history has proven anything none of these projects are as easy as they seem.


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