Rug Debate Decided and Home Office Underway

My home office is finally becoming a usable space, in fact I am writing this post from my desk right now. I got a new desktop. I’m a total computer nerd so I love my new Dell All-in-One touch screen desktop. I love how not having a tower streamlines everything and the touch screen makes it a convenient little station where I can just walk by and quickly check my email or facebook without even having to sit down. I’ve added some personal touches, some old maps under the acrylic top, a fun little pen cup with some writerly motivation printed on it (fans of Dear Sugar might know what I am talking about), and a cool little clock. And, of course, the task lamp which I shopped around for in this post.  I WD40’d my chair which really helped the wheels and joints swivel better. Hey if you were born in the 50s you might need some joint loosening too.

But most importantly I finally decided on a rug. I decided rather than going with a pattern, that I would compromise and go with a sold but look for a rug with an interesting texture or weave. I ended up turning to FLOR, which does carpet tiles that you can arrange into the rug of your choice. I went with a twill grey and offset the pattern. It was really easy to put together and surprisingly affordable. I like the menswear look it has and buying by the square helped me get just the right size. It’s one of their more high traffic rugs and thin enough the chair roles over it nicely.

I think the rug is helping to define the space but it still has a ways to go. I still need some artwork, and importantly a printer. Eventually I plan on putting a bookcase on the wall next to it. I am thinking something industrial, wood and metal. I have my eye on one but I really have other projects that need my money first. The printer is definitely high on the priorities list though. But most importantly, now I can actually use my office.

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