Rug Debate: Help Me Decide!

I have finally started putting together my office. I splurged on a desk from Pottery Barn and I got a really cool old industrial tanker chair. I need a rug to protect the floor from the chair’s wheels and to help create definition to the space but I am stumped… I already have a few patterns going on in the room. I have a grey, white, and black floral rug by the couch, two houndstooth chairs, and the union jack pops up in a couple places. So far I don’t think any of it clashes, but I am sure I’m walking a fine line.  So I don’t know if I go sold, or stick to one of the existing patterns? I need help!

So help me decide:

Here is the space

Here is the rug already in the room

So tell me what you think?

Should I get another rug just like the one I already have, it is kind of soft and maybe not great for rolling a chair around on. Or do I get a houndstooth rug? In black/white or grey/white? Should I get something in just a solid grey?

2 thoughts on “Rug Debate: Help Me Decide!

  1. I love the houndstooth! I find myself drawn to patterns like that, but often fear they’re a little trendy so try to just use the fabric in stuff like pillows or curtains. That way it’s not too expensive to switch things out!

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