The Scary Bathroom: Finished!

So while my master bathroom is no longer scary it has been a very naughty room, considering nothing remotely naughty has happened in it.  The reason I haven’t updated this in awhile is because the bathroom was just declared finished this past weekend…well I still want to get some decorating things but it is done in the functional sense. In fact I used it for the first time today.

We got the floors done, which came out great despite my father’s grumbling. I hate grout but for some reason I wanted the small old fashion tiles which means a ton of grout. I decided on a grey grout so hopefully it will stay clean looking. After that was done we had leaks, a toilet that wobbled when you sat on it…I bought new glass drawer hardware which I had to slightly customize of course. Then we put in a new door. Originally the bathroom door opened into the room, barely clearing the cabinets. Which meant if you were going into the bathroom you had to completely open the door then get on the other side of the bathroom before you could close it. So we replaced it with a plantation shutter  bi-fold door that is in the same style as the closet doors in my condo. This too proved to take way longer than it should as we unwrapped the door to find it was missing some important pieces. Of course we had purchased it months before so we couldn’t return it.  It took another week to locate the proper pieces but now all finished it gives the small bathroom way more space.

After removing the old shower doors I put up a shower curtain. I hadn’t planned on changing out the gold shower fixtures but when I realized they weren’t working properly I decided if I had to call a plumber I might as well have those replaced all together, this was easier in theory. First I bought a nice new package of replacement plates and shower head etc. Only to find none of items in the package save the shower head would work. It ended up taking like a week to get all of that sorted and installed. Unfortunately there is nothing to be done about the old lady safety bars in the shower. Then my dad wanted to touch up the cabinets and there were some areas where the grout on the floor needed some extra filling, adding another week.  But finally we declared the bathroom scary no more.

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