Project Cat Bed

After I got my cats I wanted to get them a bed. Don’t ask why, I’ve never had a cat that actually slept in something I’ve bought them to sleep in. But as their scratching tree would be in the other room, I thought it would be nice for them to have a cute bed in the living area of the condo. I saw these suitcases converted into cat beds and thought, “I can do that.” Not only were the ready made ones  expensive but I could never find one just right, either the bed part was wrong or the suitcase was wrong.  I assumed it would be a lot cheaper to buy a suitcase I liked and fabric I liked to create a pillow.

It didn’t take too long to track down this old Skyway case, the outside was in good condition except for a little tear on the seam of the handle and most importantly the inside was clean and not some crazy color. It was also a good deal, I think because it is missing the key to the locks but as I will never lock it, or close it really, so that only worked in my favor.

The next step was picking out a fabric and buying some pillow filler. My mom then made the pillow as I don’t sew. I could have tracked down some cute legs but I didn’t really know where to get them so short. So instead I had my dad buy and cut some wood which I then spray painted black. I didn’t want to do anything to invasive to the case, I have a hard time ruining antique or retro items. I glued the legs on with Gorilla glue, which actually comes off pretty clean (I broke one off by accident at one point so I know first hand). I also didn’t want it closing on my little devils–which was more problematic. I could have bonded the hinges so they wouldn’t move but once again that would wreck it, and the case  is easier to move around if it is closed. So instead I glued on these toggles, which keep it open when need be but allow me to close it if necessary.


I think Dibley likes it. Or at least he did for a few minutes… but at least it looks cool.

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