The Scary Bathroom: Slow Progress

My good friend Kjersti once said my condo was “like a mean-girl sorority house where you have to be hazed before you can join” Sometimes I think it hates me. It seems like everything that can go wrong does. And everything takes twice as long as it should.

The bathroom has been slow going since my crew returned from their vacation. Busy schedules and unforeseen issues like my air conditioner going out the other day make things slow going. Also it seems like  there are always hidden surprises slowing us down.

In order to pick the wall color I needed the lights in the bathroom replaced so I could see. But of course when we took the old light out there was some damage to the ceiling, then we realized the electrical cup was improperly installed which made installing the new light take twice as long as it should have; and will probably still need to come down and be reworked once we’re done. Also the old fixtures and mirror in the bathroom were all hung with molly bolts, which are my new nemesis. I’ve watched my dad do lots of fixing and building over the years and I didn’t know what molly bolts were until I moved in here. Who ever did all the work in here back in the 70s LOVED molly bolts. Molly bolts are mainly used to secure heavy items that you are not going to want to take down for a very very long time, but like I said they used them for everything even the toilet paper holder. They are also a pain to take out, you usually have to just try to  cover them up which never really completely works.

We have finally made some progress though. I like to think we’ve completed stage two and are on to stage three, I am thinking this is a four stage project.

We took out the toilet which was interesting as it started breaking into pieces as we moved it, guess that sealed it’s fate. I mentioned in the last post that I had figured out a way to get rid of the gold shower doors without the cost of new ones. So taking these ugly things out was our project this past weekend.

Now we just have to remove the calk and I have a shower curtain on it’s way. Hoping to get the faucets and fixtures out of the bath soon, but as they work and no one will really see them it is low on the list of priorities. Did I mention that shower has safety bars in it? Unfortunately getting those out would not only be difficult, it will leave holes in the tile and probably look just as bad. So, they are there to stay.

My dad realized one of the light switches in the room was bad but I also wanted all of the electrical outlets and switches changed from off white or old ugly white to a clean bright white. This ended up being a good idea though took a good afternoon, because not only were the switches very old they were not grounded and there was no kick off switch in case of an overload– which is a must have in the bathroom like something they note in inspections. I also got the new medicine cabinet to install, which took all three of us.

The wall is a little rough from all the molly bolts but I think it is coming along nicely. This week my dad ripped out the carpet and the old vinyl flooring, we’re going to put down some new vinyl squares this weekend just to provide a good surface for the tile so it isn’t directly on the slab. Then my dad will start tiling.

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