The Scary Bathroom: Break Time

So last weekend we put some finishing touches on the vanity area.

Faucets in place, drawers painted and put back, cabinets papered…

Finding faucets became an obsession but I am really happy with this

Cabinet doors on, side splashes caulked, all ready!  I may or may not install some pulls or knobs. I want  to wait until the bathroom is further along to decide.

The work has come to a halt though while my crew goes on vacation… Or should I say while they leave me to go cruise the Mediterranean, not that I am bitter or anything…  Next up: painting. I am going yellow and lets just say I cleaned out every yellow swatch I could get my hand on trying to find just the right yellow.  Getting the ceiling painted and the new light fixture in will help me decide. Then floors and new toilet.

But most important I think I found a way to get rid of the gold for good.  As I said before replacing the shower doors was not happening, those things are pricy. There are also the gold shower head and faucet to contend with. I was hoping since I am painting the room yellow it would blend (I knew this wouldn’t be the case but I kept hoping). Then I came up with what I thought might work and my parents both seem to like the idea.  Take down the doors and put up a curtain.

I know doors are better than curtains and eventually I would want to try to replace the doors, but a curtain is a way cheaper and non-permanent alternative that will get me through a few years until I am ready to do the doors. Then I can maybe find some money for new hardware and have our plumber Ike take care of that (plumbing is my dad’s only kryptonite).  Gold be gone!

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