The Scary Bathroom: Our largest project to date

When I moved in the bathrooms were a major standout on my renovation list.  They were a priority, though not a high one as they were for the most part functional. The condo has two bathrooms a small master bath and a main bathroom, both of which needed some major updating. The master bathroom though was the most problematic. Both bathrooms had rather disgusting toilets, mainly because they had been left to sit for a year. I mentioned in another post you should never let your refrigerator sit for a really long time without opening it, well the same can be said about toilets.  Actually your water in general should probably be shut off if you are not going to be in living in the house for an extended period of time. My water heater was one causality of the water being left on for over a year while my condo was vacant.  The master bath toilet was exceptionally bad even after a good scrubbing. It also had a major crack through the vanity and into the sink which leaked if the water was turned on. That right there meant it would be the first bathroom on the list to get redone. Of course these technicalities aside the biggest problem with this bathroom was it was just sooo ugly and it had carpet.

I don’t do carpet in my bathroom. Seriously why did this ever become a thing?  The carpet doesn’t extend all the way to the shower so at least you wouldn’t be stepping out of the shower onto the carpet but still, it would get wet not to mention I spill stuff in the bathroom all the time and when you’re putting on powder make up it has a tendency to fly around…  It’s just weird. Gold was also the theme apparently. A very outdated gold light fixture, a huge gold medicine cabinet, and gold fixtures.  All of which would be fairly easy to replace. The gold trimmed shower doors and plumbing fixtures—not so much…

When I first moved in I decided just not to use the master until I could fix it. I was afraid I’d accidentally run the water in the sink causing it to leak and the carpet just freaked me out. I also feel it is the only place in the house that still smells like old people… It wasn’t too hard to ignore the room, aside from the fact the toilet flushed itself now and then (my ghost apparently). For awhile it became my kittens’ room when I first adopted them as they couldn’t hurt anything in there and it was small enough they’d feel secure. That was an eye opener because I realized for the first time just how tiny the room was and that the door was all wrong.  The door opens into the bathroom, but there is only about an inch of space between it and the vanity, which means to get in and out you have to open the door fully to get in between the door and the sink then stand out of the way to close it.

So we finally started renovations late June. The plan was:

  • Replace Counter Top and faucet
  • Replace Fixtures
  • New Lighting and Mirror
  • Paint Cabinets
  • Put in tile floors
  • New toilet
  • Paint room
  • New door into the bathroom

While I would like to replace the gold shower doors and gold shower head and faucets, that is just not in the cards at the moment. I do have another bathroom to do after this, remember.  And being that this is the master no one but me really sees it.

Obviously the first part to any renovation is demolition. The mirror was the first to go, it took all three of us and we were really hoping to find a safe or a stash hole behind it but no luck, just the original paint colors (yes they painted around the mirror). Then we took down the fixtures and removed the old counter top and sink. After a small leak crisis on the 4th of July we installed the new counter top with sink that I ordered from Home Depot.  It was tense and there was a moment when we didn’t think it was going to fit and all of our meticulous measuring would be for nothing….but we did it and it was actually easy just scary for a moment as it is a rather expensive item to screw up.

We put in the side splashes but I don’t like the color of the caulk so we have to scrape that out and try again.  I am hoping to have cabinet doors back on tomorrow and maybe the faucet in soon.  However, my crew of mom and dad are leaving on a cruise so work will have to pause for awhile.

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