Starting from Scratch: First Room Done

Unlike most young people who move out of their parents house for the first time, I didn’t have any furniture or anyone to give me hand-me downs.  I literally took my mattress and frame, and some decorative items and lamps I had collected over the last few years. So I had to start pretty much from scratch, this is one of those reasons I waited so long to move out so I could save enough to be able to afford furniture.  I love a good deal but I don’t like going too cheap.  If I am going to spend money I want to get something I like and something that is going to last, I want cheap but I don’t want to cut corners.

The first thing we did after purchasing my condo was have the flooring in the main part of the condo changed from carpet to a laminate wood.  I decided on laminate because hard wood is expensive and the new laminate not only looks great but is very durable.  My parent’s have hardwood in their halls and having big dogs has really scratched it up.  It was one of the bigger splurges in the condo because it is such a large open area covering both the living room, a dining nook which I am going to make an office, the dining room and the kitchen. The condo is kind of set up in a circle, which my cats like to use as a race track.

The living room was one of my first projects, because obviously when I get home from work I want to relax and watch some television. After the flooring was done it really only needed some paint and furnishing. It did need cable run in, because the previous owners didn’t have cable and had used the room as a formal living room, using what I now use as my dining area as their family room with tv and what not (which makes no sense to me but I also have no need for both a family and living room). My dad did a great job with the direct tv guy running cables from the outside through the kitchen and into the living room and hiding them in the baseboard.  One of the issues we ran into early on is the fact that I don’t have an attic or reachable crawl space, so dropping electricity or anything isn’t feasible–meaning we have to get creative.

It took several months to get the room done.  I moved in officially in October after the floors were done and I had appliances in the kitchen.  In the month after closing I had done a little shopping and my dad had painted the room a pretty gray I had picked out. He even did my baseboards white which he bitched a lot about, but ultimate admitted it really looked good. When I moved in I had the television and stand, curtains up, and a rug with a trunk acting as a coffee table.  I had ordered a couch but it took a bit longer than they had told me to actually get here so my parents lent me a chair to sit on until it arrived. By Christmas we were hanging the last of the photos and artwork.


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