The hardest part of moving out, aside from having to do chores and grocery shop and stuff…Was that I had to leave behind my four-year-old Australian Shepherd and my 19-year-old cat. My cat is mostly blind and somewhat deaf (she can hear just not very well), she does pretty well considering but a move would have been too much for her.  My condo doesn’t have a yard which isn’t good for a high energy dog. But I knew going in I wouldn’t be able to take her with me. One because my parents are very attached, my mom competes in agility trials with her. Also, she is attached to them and very attached to my mom’s old golden. And the golden is very attached to her. As you can see from this old photo bellow:

Darby and Skyler

I get to visit them a lot but as you can imagine, when you are used to always living with lots of pets, suddenly having nothing small, furry, and happy to see you when you get home is rather depressing. (That’s what she said) Once I was somewhat settled the plan was to adopt some kittens. My cat is soo old and hated other cats, so I hadn’t experienced a kitten in awhile.  I wanted two because I am at work all day and I wanted them to have company, getting two from the same litter would assure they got along. Also I wanted a boy and a girl, and I kind of had in my head that I would like a black and white.  I started looking after the first of the year and found a local cat rescue with a litter of kittens just the right age.  There was a boy and girl that were both black and white tuxedos and a little gray female that had the sweetest face.  The rescue lady brought them over one day and before I knew it I had agreed to take the little gray and the black and white male.

So Dibley and Story became the newest additions to the family.

About 10 or 11 weeks here

To start out with Dibley was the sweet one often bullied by his tough sister, who was slow to warm up to me and still likes everything on her own terms (she can be the biggest snuggle bug but only if she wants to snuggle not if you want to).  It ends up they are at least part Maine Coon, which I had never really heard of.  They are the “gentile giants” of the cat world, giant is right because they have both grown quickly–especially Dibley.  He is no longer picked on by his sister, but often gets in the most trouble due to his kitten brain in his not so kitten body.  They definitely make life more interesting.

My handsome boy at 8 months

Story at 8 months

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